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Funds raised through this event support the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere project.

The Kruger to Canyons Biosphere Region reconciles biodiversity conservation with the development of people, as the custodians of their land and resources through partnerships. Their vision is “Partnering to achieve a sustainable future for all life in the K2C Biosphere.” They aim to nurture and sustain the contribution of biodiversity and ecosystem services to livelihoods and resilient economic development. This is broken down into the following aims:

  • Improve Protected Area management effectiveness and increase Protected Area and buffer expansion;
  • Mainstream biodiversity through better land use management and increased capacity;
  • Improve capacity, through skills development and training;
  • Enhance socio-economic value chains; and
  • Enable appropriate institutional arrangements.

The K2C engages itself in various developmental, research, educational, institutional and conservation related projects within the greater region.  The specific contribution of the K2C is to add value to existing projects through alignment and integration, identify gaps and initiate projects to address these gaps (with partners).

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