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The Challenge starts near the western boundary of iMfolozi Game Reserve, just south of Cengeni gate in the Mbhuzane section of the park. The route heads south along a management Jeep track, which is not open to tourist vehicles. The first few kilometres are mainly downhill towards the White iMfolozi River, with some patches of soft sand as you get closer to the river. Cyclists cross the river at Nqolothi, into the Makhamisa section of the park.

The management track then runs adjacent to the southern boundary fence and crosses a few smallish river courses (mainly dry in winter). The route then starts climbing fairly sharply to the top of Ndleke. Passing Ndleke, there is a short flattish bit with stunning views over the wilderness and the White iMfolozi River, which make you quickly forget the pain from the climb you have just completed. Enjoy the view while you can, because the descent down Mduba will require all your concentration! There are some steep sections with lots of loose rocks, so take care.

After Mduba it is relatively flat to the turn-off to Makhamisa outpost. The jeep track then continues in a northerly direction with some gentle ups and downs, and takes you once again to the White iMfolozi River. This area is called iSiyembeni, and is where the White and Black iMfolozi Rivers join. Cyclists cross both rivers into the Masinda section, and then start the ascent to Mambeni. The Jeep track repeatedly crosses the Mcacazo River and seems like it’s not going to end, but eventually it does! At Mambeni, you join a tar road for the final couple of kilometres to the finish, which is near the Game Capture complex and Centenary Centre.

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